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ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games 1.24.0 APK Free Download is in action style from Vietnamese studio VNG Game Studios, which, like many other games from the same studio, has an apocalyptic world and zombie theme. Zombie Hunter: Offline Games Game, whose full name is on Google Play ZOMBIE HUNTER for Android, is another one of these games from the Idroidzone site in this article, we will show it to you at the same time. Introduce this game as a new version.

Overview Of ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games 1.24.0 APK

Aside from the general themes of these games, which are similar to each other, their stories are also very similar. However, it must be said that the specific differences and decisions that the makers use for each game have made each game an interesting and unique game. When man destroys the environment and the planet with various pollutants. Lack of resources and poor health conditions are making the people of the world sick and humanity on the verge of extinction. Humans are weakened and have no hope of survival until a doctor prescribes a specific drug that can strengthen humans and vaccinate against many diseases.

In ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games, the story begins where years after this incident, and while humanity seems to be making little effort to survive in a new way, in 2027 the people who Using this medicine they suddenly become bloodthirsty and zombie-like creatures! The disease spread rapidly and also, in less than a few weeks the entire planet became infected and almost 80 percent of the world’s population became zombies! Few people survive and go to the same doctor to survive. The doctor claims that a mistake has been made and he is looking for a way to treat and cure the disease. At the same time, he is building a shelter for rescuers. In Zombie Hunter: Offline Games, you play the role of one of these rescuers who is tasked with destroying zombies and helping others. You have to travel to different places on tough missions and prevent the destruction of many people. Your main task is to destroy the zombies with different weapons at each stage of the game before they destroy you.

The graphics of the game are excellent and its modeling is completely three-dimensional. The gameplay is limited to your exact aim and shooting. The character of the game is still standing and you have to reach the target and destroy the zombies before they reach them. Then the character of the game changes its position and the game is followed from another point of view. In this game, you can buy all kinds of weapons and military equipment.

ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games has its interesting features but it has a very good volume. If you are looking for an action game with a zombie theme, don’t miss the survival game against the zombie [zombie hunt] anyway and download the latest version right now with the Farside modified version. The game has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play with scores ranging from 5.0 to 4.5.

Features Of ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games 1.24.0 APK:

Among the features of ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games for Android, Free Download is:

  • A new episode of foreign invasion (starting August 5, 2021).
  • New weapon: creating light using electricity.
  • New UAV: TY-197 Stingray.
  • Also new Wheel of Important Events (starting August 2, 2021).
  • New noise consumption: Ryden.
  • The last shot has a new slack.

ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games 1.24.0 APK Free Download

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