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Zombie Among Space 0.9 APK Free Download is the name of a game in the action genre released by KATbIK Studios Game Development Studio for mobile devices with the Android operating system. Katebick Studios Game Development Studio has already done some good games before this game and has a Samurai Story game in its game development portfolio.

Overview Of Zombie Among Space 0.9 APK

Zombie Among Space in the midst of space is one of the best games in this game studio with the ability to bring another unique and unique experience for players by providing exciting, fun, and action-packed games. Looking at the game’s name and gameplay screenshots, we can clearly see that the zombies in the middle of the space were inspired by the popular game in the United States. But these inspirations are limited to the place and characters of the game, and in fact, the game is different from the United States game from ground to sky. In this game, you are not in the role of a space crew or someone who is a killer but disguises himself as a crew.

In the zombie in the middle of space, you play the role of a rescue team member who goes to the “Hyperion” space station and clears it of zombies. The zombie virus has reportedly spread to the space station, infecting the entire crew. Now, you have to enter the space station and try in different stages to kill all the zombies with weapons at your disposal and clear the zombie space station completely.

As we said before, zombies in space vary from land to sky between the United States, and it’s a completely different game with its own style. This game is really an action shooter game with role-playing elements. Upon entering the game, you take control of your main character and begin your first mission. At first glance, the steps are simple and you can easily jump over the zombies and kill them. But gradually you come across new types of zombies that are harder to kill and clearing the space station is a serious challenge.

Features Of Zombie Among Space 0.9 APK:

Among the features of Zombie Among Space for Android, Free Download is:

  • two For two, play on one device or alone.
  • Classic Large arsenal of weapons ranging from classic guns to plasma cannons that you can use to defeat the entire zombie army.
  • Destroy special zombie armies.
  • You’ll see both ordinary zombies and evil clowns and zombies with clubs, except for the big bosses.
  • Raise your mercenaries to defeat the most powerful enemies.
  • mission complete missions and unlock all levels.
  • This game includes different skills and bonuses that are divided into different levels and allow you to temporarily improve the player.
    Play offline.
  • top space shooter from top to bottom.
  • R an Independent game about zombies in space with RPG elements.
  • Very easy control.
  • War of the tyrant master.

Zombie Among Space 0.9 APK Free Download

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