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Videoleap MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v1.1.9.2
Jan, 31, 2022
Android 8.0
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VideoLeap APK v1.1.8 Free Download has provides powerful tools for editing videos directly on your mobile device. With the MOD version we offer, all the features are available to help you create the most unique and high-quality content.

Overview Of VideoLeap APK

Video recording is easy, but when it comes to video editing, why is it so complicated? That’s why Video Lip amazes us so much. It is an amazingly powerful video editing software that is easy to use and familiar to users.

The VideoLap interface is simple with a set of toolbars under your video schedule. However, don’t just look at the small icons and underestimate the toolbox of this program. These “small but powerful” assistants will really transform your videos. Here are some features you definitely don’t want to miss.

Easy to adjust

Type the video you just imported from your Media Gallery (Import) to view the toolbar. If you are accustomed to using photo editing programs, you will immediately recognize some of these options. Filters add vibrant colors and effects, and the editing feature helps you change everything from exposure to video contrast. Like photo editing, just one small change is enough to make the video more effective.

First, select the base video. Second, type mixer tools, add a second video to the background and start the double disclosure process. Select the fit in the transition feature to adjust both videos to the same width. Then go back, type the mixture and select the screen. There is a wide range of effects, and you can try them to your satisfaction. If one of them has too much transparency, lower its parameters to make sure the frames do not cross.

This is where the work ends, but if you want your video to be more unique, add another video in the third step. The operations performed are similar to the second phase. But instead of choosing the screen option in the composition, select the image so you can adjust the direction and response. In addition, when a large number of frames are crossed, the colors are not bright and can sometimes be confused when playing at the same time. Therefore, you need to organize something transparent and contrast. In addition, other blending modes such as a multiplier or rectangular mask are also worth trying.

Features Of VideoLeap APK v1.1.8

  • Film enhancement tools
  • More than 200 expert filters were selected.
  • Compaction machine
  • Cutting machine
  • Editing (brightness, contrast, speed, centering, speeding, shadows, ads …)
  • Revoked / Unlimited.
  • 60+ overlap.
  • More than 60 frames
  • Add text content to videos and photos
  • Write your text content

VideoLeap APK v1.1.8 Free Download

VideoLeap APK is a simple video editor designed and used. Instructions and documents are available for your reference. Developers also regularly provide training and brainstorming videos to their users. In addition, the watermark does not have the right to mark. You can easily share post-production videos with your friends and show off your professional editing. You can also download this version Videoleap Pro Video Editor 1.0.9 APK Download and Videoleap by Lightricks v1.0.6 b1269 APK.