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Trojan War 2 Clash Cards Game 1.0.6 APK Free Download is the name of the game in the strategic genre, released by Megadis Games Studio for mobile devices with the Android operating system. The game is shown by a campaign in which one player moves from one battle to another through the map. A player and an opponent will also have a strong base. The base is capable of producing a wide variety of units. There is only one source in the game – the chicken meat is collected directly by the farmers on the battlefield.

Overview Of Trojan War 2 Clash Cards Game 1.0.6 APK

Trojan War 2: Clash of Clans game is the name of a game in the strategic genre released by Megadeth Games Game Development Studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. Following the remarkable success of Trojan War 1: With more than 5,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS platforms, with the addition of the legendary Sparta and thousands of positive reactions, the developers decided to launch Trojan War 2: Clash Card Play games too. Formally change the Trojan War official collection. Trojan War 2 is a continuation of Trojan War 1 and provides the main reason for the war. The story begins with a grand wedding ceremony between the Greek king Palace and the sea goddess Thetis. All the gods were invited to this great ceremony. Except for the rival god Iris, who was known among the gods as the goddess of division.

Angered by the non-invitation, he decides to make a plan and respond to this insult with an accounting plan. So he threw a golden apple in the middle of the dining table with the words “for the most beautiful” written on it. Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera were the three gods competing for the golden apple. Zeus could not be appointed, so he handed over the responsibility to the second prince of Paris, Troy.

All three gods had a high position in Paris, but Paris eventually chose Aphrodite as the winner because Aphrodite had promised to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. Shortly afterward, Paris went to Sparta and met with the Spartan king Menelaus and his wife Helen. Helen was a very attractive and beautiful woman. Paris, with the help of Aphrodite, succeeded in capturing Helen, and when Paris went to Sparta, Helen left Minnes to marry Paris. Angered by this, Menelaus decided to take revenge on Paris and started the Trojan War.

Features Of Trojan War 2 Clash Cards Game 1.0.6 APK :

Among the features of Trojan War 2 Clash Cards Game for Android, Free Download is.

  • You will need resources to build the units.
  • By building an army, you can place it in front of the base
  • Send it to the attack or go to the castle.
  • If you have the latest archers, it will be easier to defend the latter option.
  • However, the collection of resources will be confiscated.
  • It is possible to control each individual as well as use his or her personal skills.
  • All fighters are reformable.
  • There are also light spores.

Trojan War 2 Clash Cards Game 1.0.6 APK Free Download

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