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The House of Da Vinci 3 1.1.1 APK Free Download is the third game of The House of Da Vinci APK game series, which is considered to be the last part of this franchise.

The game is available on Google Play for Android devices at a price of $6.99, but Faresroid provides you with both a purchased and a free version. This game is developed by Blue Brain Games s.r.o. Created by Slovakia is designed and developed. Although this studio is known as one of the best game companies today, a few years ago when the first part of the series was released by this developer, no one would have thought that a small independent studio in Slovakia would become one of the Be from the best series. For mobile adventure games

The Da Vinci House series of games is a unique combination of charming and exciting stories with a commendable puzzle and puzzle process that will appeal to anyone with any taste. Bixegapk is proud to cover this amazing collection in its entirety and now presents all three parts to you dear ones. To download the first two parts, for example, The Da Vinci Code 1 and The Da Vinci Code 2, you can click on the name of each one and it will take you to the page for that game so that you can also purchase that game. Download. Form and enjoy the unlimited money version. Follow Bixegapk in introducing the third and final installment of this iconic franchise.

Download The House of Da Vinci 3 for Android free

The House of Da Vinci 3 is the culmination of the multi-adventure series of Da Vinci games. This amazing work of art takes you to the heart of the Renaissance. The story of the game follows from the continuation of the last episodes of the second part, so if you have not experienced the previous two parts, we recommend that you experience them first to understand the story of the game properly. In this game, you play the role of the main character Giacomo, who is a close friend of the great scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci, who has entered into a strange and dangerous adventure of dangerous conspiracies. In Da Vinci 3 Palace, you travel to different places in Italy and meet many positive and negative characters.

The highlight of the game is its interesting and commendable puzzles. During the game, almost all parts are designed with interesting and creative puzzles and riddles, you have to follow the storyline of the game by activating ancient and unknown puzzles, many of which were discovered or created by da Vinci. . Among other strengths of the game, which undoubtedly has few similar games, its excellent and detailed graphics can be mentioned. The gameplay follows in the first person and is designed as point-and-click in nature.

You can double-tap different items to examine them more closely and return to a previous scene by pinch-zooming (by dragging two fingers inward). A lot of interesting events happen during the game which tells the story well. So, if you are interested in adventure games and at the same time, puzzles and intellectual, then don’t miss House of Da Vinci 3 and get the latest official and paid version for free from the download box section of Farsroid right now.

Additional notes:

  1. The game comes with a large data file integrated with the installation file.
  2. In the first phase of the game, you have to wait for the files to be extracted from the game data. This process may take several minutes depending on the hardware strength of your device.
  3. You may encounter a black screen for a few minutes during the first phase of the game. In this case, do not close the game and wait for the data files to be extracted so that you can enter the game.
  4. The game is extensive and very graphic. We recommend installing this game only on powerful devices with at least 8 core processors and at least 4 GB of RAM.
  5. Otherwise, there is a possibility of the game getting corrupted or even not being installed.