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Get the new update of Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera v1.0.15 APK free download for the Smartphone Android from IDroidZone with a right away link. Download Protake for Android Free is that the latest version cleanly, with quick transfer speed you’ll continually have the required application during a short time, and also the application is checked before uploading and properly, Operates.

Overview Of Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera v1.0.15 APK:

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera is a large cinematic camcorder application developed by Blank Academy Limited and released on Google Play. Users use their smartphone cameras under different headings. Some of these users are bloggers or YouTubers and the right quality of clips is important to them. Although the quality of the camera hardware is very important in recording videos or photos, another important thing is to use the right software.

There are various applications in the Android Market, each of which provides users with unique features and helps you get the most out of your device’s lens. But one of the best titles found in Farsi is the Proteus – a mobile cinema camera.

It is better to say honestly that the features of this camera are so many and varied that we could not find a suitable title for it. However, you can join us to become more familiar with this software.

Turn your smartphone into a cinematic camcorder with a Protake – mobile camera: application Converts for Android/Phones to Professional Cinema Cameras due to the Best features and capabilities it provides to users Undoubtedly, this startup is the perfect choice for bloggers and bloggers.

After starting the installation and seeing the first images shown from the camera, you will fully understand the quality of the recording. There are two different video recording modes for users, automatic mode and professional mode, the use of each will depend on the needs of your fans.

Have a professional vision in your filmmaking: It may be hard to believe, but after installing a prototype-mobile cinema camera, there is no difference between your smartphone and a highly professional camera.These different views help you to be more creative in different shooting scenes and highlight the results. It all depends on you and your talent. Because everything you need will be ready for you. The color curve helps create wide variations in the space shown and doubles the beauty of the recorded videos.

Protake is a professional assistant in filmmaking If we want to dedicate another title to the ProTech-Mobile Cinema Camera program, it could be a professional assistant of cinema that will surprise you with something. Adjust the scene brightness without any special tools and change the aspect ratio of the screen with just one touch. Normally, Android smartphones do not offer users to set the frame rate in the default camera app; But Protek helps you get the best FPS when recording videos, depending on the hardware used.

Features Of Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera v1.0.15 APK:

Between the features of Protake for Android, Free Download is.

  • Turn your Android smartphone into a cinematic camcorder.
  • Two different modes of automatic and professional video recording with different management options.
  • Interior color curve for color changes.
  • More than 12 cinema views to record video in different scenes.
  • Professional monitoring tools such as Waveform, RGB histogram, and audio meter.
  • Adjust the brightness and focus on your preferences
  • Fully normalizing the automatic frame.
  • Name the professional and principles of the recorded video.
  • The complete recording of metadata or unknown metadata.

Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera v1.0.15 APK Free Download

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