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Feb, 27, 2022
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OBDeleven Car Diagnostics App VAG OBD2 Scanner is a car diagnostics application for Android smartphones developed by Voltas IT, LLC and published on Google Play. All the cars we see around us have a central computer system.

Overview of OBDeleven car diagnostics app VAG OBD2 Scanner v0.49.1 APK

This computer is responsible for coordinating the various parts of the vehicle. By improving this smart system, you can fix all the imperfections of your car and find the most basic problems. We need a special device to connect the car to the computer system.

However, many people, considering their experience and knowledge, try to buy their own dyeing equipment and meet their need for this comprehensive tool. With all of these specifications, one of the best Diag devices on the market, which also has the ability to connect to smartphones, is OBDeleven. The OBDeleven Vehicle Diagnostics App VAG OBD2 Scanner is a great start for connecting to the OBDeleven device that allows you to diagnose all the problems of your personal vehicle. After connecting this device to the OBDII port, you can see all the problems of your car with your smartphone.

With just one scan, all the errors appear and you will be able to fix them in no time. In addition, managing other components such as changes to the oil system, oil, lights, etc. is in your hands, and making changes to them will not be difficult. All the vehicles we connect to this program are stored in memory and you can access their history at any time. On the Farsroid website, we have tried to give you a list of all the features of this startup. So stay tuned for more.

OBDeleven car diagnostics app VAG OBD2 Scanner v0.49.1 for Android Some Features and Capabilities:

  • Automatic detection of vehicles via VIN
  • Detect and clear all displayed errors
  • Ability to read all information about the control unit
  • Share diagnostic information reports via email
  • Option to check battery status
  • History of all devices connected to the device
  • Adjust the car’s fuel system and its headlights
  • Carefully adjust all the new parts attached to the car
  • Freeze frame problem code
  • Advanced control unit information
  • Live data and graphs
  • Sub-control unit information
  • Check car safety
  • Access to all basic settings

The OBDeleven Auto Diagnostic App VAG OBD2 Scanner, with its unique features and capabilities, was released free of charge by its developer on a $ 46.99 network and received a score of 5.0 out of 4.2 by Google Play users, which is now Reached you. You can download the latest professional version from the idroidzone website.