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King of Avalon Dominion 11.5.1 APK Free Download New Update settled in medieval England and restores the legend of King Arthur and the Round Table Knights. Build a strong city, build more armies, train combat strategy skills for a clever combat strategy, train your magic dragon and fight your medieval enemy! Join a multiplayer alliance to defend yourself from any enemy attack and increase your chances of victory! A great war is going on between the kings! Build the strongest empire in history!

Overview Of King of Avalon Dominion APK New update:

King of Avalon Dominion is another popular game title of the century game studio in the strategic game genre, which soon became one of the most popular trends in this genre for Android devices. The studio gained a lot of popularity by making other games like Guinness of Glory, and now with the release of King Olun, the game is still making progress. King of Avalon: With Dominion Productions, the studio really wanted to establish itself in the competitive arena of strategic games, many examples of this have been produced. The game examines the story of a modern and legendary hero in the history of King Arthur from another perspective.

As we know, King of Avalon Dominion for Android is one of the most famous and legendary historical figures mentioned in many works of art and video games. Modern wars and the change in the course of warfare by this man is one of the reasons he became famous. Now in Avalon’s King: Dominion, this character is re-enacted and a special story is told about him. Of course, the main story of this game revolves around other events, but the beginning of this story depends on this character. According to the story, King of Avalon was plunged into a bloody war by the conspiracy and betrayal of his nephew (Mordrid) and was defeated and killed in an unjust war. His body is buried in the sacred area inside Avalon Castle next to his famous Excelsior sword. This sword is not an ordinary sword and has extraordinary powers.

Features Of King of Avalon Dominion 11.5.1 APK:

Among the features of King of Avalon Dominion for Android, Free Download is:

  • War! Everywhere. You and your military allies must be prepared. Strengthen and upgrade your bases and
  • fortify key armies with combat strategy
  • you’re not the only one keeping an eye on the Empire’s throne!
  • Multiplayer Empire War Alliances!
  • No man is an island
  • If you are protesting against GvE savage leaders or protesting against PvP harassment, you need allies that you can trust.
  • Before you start fighting the enemy fortress, send spies for your enemies with your forces!
  • Dragon! The mythical weapon of mass destruction.
  • How do you train a legendary dragon to fight in your legendary army?
  • Chat and play! The easy-to-translate feature brings together thousands of players from around the world in this
  • real-time multiplayer battle.
  • Strategy! Research and acquire army attack and defense skills to make sure you are better than your magic enemies.
  • Know when to be visible and when to order an attack in this PvP adventure!
    Building! Strengthen the foundations of the empire enough to survive in a battle of dragons and fire!
  • Experience realistic games on each mission.
  • Manage and produce resources to build your army, conquer the kingdom and get the throne!
  • Epic free MMO fantasy adventure!
  • The legend of Kamlot lives on.
  • Exciting monsters and dragons!

King of Avalon Dominion 11.5.1 APK free download

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