Kaspersky Internet Security 11.79.4 for Android Free Download

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Kaspersky Internet Security 11.79.4 for Android Free Download is the best protector for your Android smartphones and tablets, which is ideal for working on these devices. So that users can enjoy all the benefits of the internet without having to face security issues and feel the effects of the program on the device.

Overview Of Kaspersky Internet Security 11.79.4 for Android

The installation process is quick and trouble-free, as the device automatically adjusts all components and does not allow users to remove one.

The developer maintains the same fun and easy-to-use interface for all three av products, where all the original models in the main menu can be accessed via large buttons.

Original protection through multiple and traditional scan conditions
Kaspersky combines several scan methods that can be customized for the purpose: a full scan analyzes every part of a computer thoroughly and sometimes should be used for a full scan, while a quick scan focuses only on key areas and locations. Appears in and should be used for regular maintenance. Personal computer format. Custom Scan only detects user files, folders, and suspicious drives, while Scan detects external disks when they are connected to the device to attract dangerous or unknown objects. Scanning tasks can be performed on a regular basis without user assistance.

If not satisfied with the default setting, users may scan settings for real-time protection, security level, threat detection (separate for the removable drive in the connection), scan limit, user rights, Threats and restrictions, anti-phishing, to change. – Defense, with network settings, alerts, reports, and quarantine.

Advanced protection through additional security layers
Compared to Kaspersky Antivirus, which offers only the necessary protection against malware, the Internet Security Edition offers more security measures to the table. Safe Money stores financial information in a secure warehouse when performing online transactions, a two-way firewall designed to prevent hacker attacks, while another tool monitors the behavior of suspicious programs to prevent them from being harmed.

In addition, the av device implements a virtual keyboard to ensure the protection of data while typing against hidden keyloggers and screen capture software, the same security model protects the data when using a physical keyboard. The Parental Controls model allows parents to control and restrict their online access. Kids create a “permission” application, the anti-spam tool removes malicious or unwanted emails, and the latest security feature blocks banner ads when browsing the web.

Performance and outcome
Our latest experience puts Kaspersky at the forefront of the antivirus software food chain, thanks to the high statistics on virus detection ratio and system resource consumption, with various additional and effective security layers. Internet security is not a disappointment among first-time users and advanced users. With the help of Kaspersky Updater, the program can be updated offline.

Features Of Kaspersky Internet Security MOD APK

  • Real-time protection protects against new and emerging viruses, spyware, and more.
  • Prevent detection detects unknown malware – and allows you to undo malicious activity if your computer becomes infected.
  • Hybrid Protection combines cloud power with your device
  • Instantly check the security of files and websites
  • Preventing auto-abuse ensures that vulnerabilities do not endanger your computer
  • The state of the game helps you enjoy a seamless gaming experience
  • The two-way firewall prevents hacker attacks
  • Security alerts for public Wi-Fi networks alert you to potential threats and harms when using public Wi-Fi.
  • Application control prevents malicious programs from harming your system
  • Safe Surf warns you of potentially malicious websites
  • The consultant’s URL informs you of the authenticity and security of the website links
  • Anti-Blocker helps to unlock your computer if it is blocked by a Trojan
  • Reliable apps status ensures that only trusted apps are allowed to run on your computer
  • System Monitor technology protects your computer against malicious malware behavior and allows malware to be restored.
  • Change control helps prevent unwanted programs and browser settings from being installed
  • Network Attack Blocker prevents malicious network attacks
  • Banning anti-banner dangerous and annoying banner ads
  • Anti-spam protects you from spam
  • Advanced Parental Controls keep your children safe and responsible online
  • Secure Money stores data during online financial transactions
  • Webcam Protection helps prevent unauthorized remote access to your computer’s webcam
  • Personalized search prevents you from tracking your web browsing habits and accessing your personal information
  • Anti-phishing protects you from phishing sites or emails that try to steal your money or identity.
  • The on-screen keyboard – including Quick Launch – protects against malware that takes pictures from your
  • the computer screen or grabs the keys you press.
  • Secure Keyboard stores personal information entered through your computer’s physical keyboard
  • Privacy allows you to hide your personal cell phone communications from others. Easy to operate manual, automatic, or remote activation mode
  • Password protection settings prevent the unauthorized installation of the application (s), lack of protection, or change of configuration.
  • My Kaspersky allows you to manage the security of all your devices from anywhere on the web.

Kaspersky Internet Security 11.79.4 for Android Free Download

Secure and secure the computer and search experience through antivirus protection, program control, network attack blocker, anti-spam, virtual keyboard, and much more.