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Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape 1.0.1 APK Free Download is the name of the third official game in the arcade-style game Evil Nun series with a scary and terrifying theme from the creative and popular studio Capellarian Horror Games. It’s like any other game from the same developer. Made for free but with in-app purchases.

Overview Of Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape 1.0.1 APK

The game was created after the remarkable success of the last two episodes, such as Evil Noon 1 and Evil Noon 2, but with new Best features such as excellent graphics, gameplay, and various challenges to become the strongest game in the series. We are proud to announce that just a few hours after the release of this game, we have released the latest version and for the first time among all Iranian sites, we have made it available exclusively with the mod version so that once again To please your dear ones.

If you are familiar with Capillary Horror Games Studio games, then you should know that this studio, as its name suggests, is only active in creating and distributing horror games. Of course, the key point that can be seen in all the games in this studio is the perception of these fears. Although the awesome style of this game, like other similar games, is not violent and not too scary, it does not mean that the developer of this game, especially the series of Bad Noon games is scary and Not interesting.

Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape for Android, which was created with Noon in mind from the first episode, was one of the most terrifying movie characters of the last decade, a special attraction for horror game lovers from the beginning. This fame led Capellarin Horror Game Studios to create not only a game for this legendary character, but also, after two episodes, now to create a third installment. The Devil’s None line was in terms of general B features: Endless Escape, not much different in graphics and games from previous episodes, but the most important change in this game is the creators’ new and different approach to story and gameplay. It was a game.

This time you are not in a house but in a large labyrinth next to Bad Nun. What makes this game different from other games in this series and even other games in this studio is that there are so many stages that every time you go through each of these stages, your challenges in the game become more and more. These challenges will depend on the type of path, the puzzles, as well as the horror and negative character Bad Nun, and at each new stage, it will be more difficult and challenging than before. In this game, there is no news about the different weapons and different ways of dealing with this evil nun.

In fact, you have no way to stop the bread, and your only real job is to run away from it and hide from its sight. You have to get out of your shelter at the right time and move with the least noise and that you can hide from the sight of this bread and solve game puzzles and find the necessary items so that you can move on to the next part. Out of this cycle. Will you be able to overcome all the challenges and parts of this shop? What are you waiting for at the end of this shop?

To answer these questions, you have to experience this exciting, scary, and arcade game yourself. To get more familiar with the game’s gameplay style and graphics, you can take a look at the trailer video or screenshot images of this game before downloading, and then download it via Farsroid Direct Links in Normal or Mode mode. Download the latest version of the game. It is worth noting that Evil Noon Mazi: Endless Escape has managed to download more than 50,000 times on Google Play in just a few days, and in the meantime, it has received a high score of 5.0 out of 4.8.

Features Of Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape 1.0.1 APK:

Among the features of Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape APK 2021, Free Download is:

  • Escape from Nan at Eagle High School
  • Improve your skills by using the coins you get to complete the maze.
  • Where to find your limitations by breaking down very hard tables.

Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape 1.0.1 APK Free Download

Download Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape APK free latest version transfer method for the Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape 1.0.1 APK Free Download. it’s a one hundred and neat outfit with the super quick.