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Creative Destruction 2.0.5361 APK Free Download is a sandbox survival game recently released by NetEase Games. I think this game has gameplay and has the same Best features as Fortnight 96. The game quickly attracted a large number of players and received a positive response. At the moment, there is still a delay or fatigue when the new game is released, but the publisher will fix the problem soon. If you have been playing Fortnight for a long time and want to experience the same game, this is a great choice for you.

Overview Of Creative Destruction 2.0.5361 APK

Creative Destruction game is no different from games of the same genre. The player starts the game with a parachute from a plane (spaceship in this game) and then parachutes everywhere on a desert island in the middle of the ocean. The map is 4 * 4 square kilometers and is divided into 13 different sections. Below are 99 other players, not just you. They also have one goal: to kill other players to win. You have to fight like a lone wolf, find a way to survive and win this game.

This is not an ordinary island. After a while, a blizzard appears, straining the island and bringing the player closer. If you want to survive, you must be in a safe area. Using this tool to move around is a good idea, but it’s also a double-edged sword because the enemy knows your location. First try to collect as much equipment as possible to prepare yourself to face the enemies. Having a gun is better than nothing. If you kill them, you can steal their stuff.

Like Fortnight (or Fort Craft), you can create self-defense bases or climb to higher positions on the map where other players can’t reach. However, you can’t be obsessed with other players who can destroy your base with weapons. As I can see, demolition buildings are not as diverse as Fortnite, and they are few in number. By collecting wood, stone and other materials, you can turn it into strong and unbreakable defensive buildings. This is only a temporary solution. There is no safe place on the island, the only thing that will help you survive is your survival front, smart moves and skillful use of your weapons. You need more luck.

The Creative Destruction for Android is divided into different types such as assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, launchers and noise weapons. You can use known military weapons such as M416, AK47, AWN, UMP9 or even powerful guns like S1897. Don’t forget to collect gun accessories to strengthen them. Also, the silencer helps your weapon not to make a sound when firing at the enemy. Items such as armor, helmets or first aid kits are also important in these games that save your life.

You can use the game money to buy clothes and hair styles for the character. Even though the fight is tough, you still have to look great.

Features Of Creative Destruction 2.0.5361 APK:

Among the features of Creative Destruction for Android, Free Download is.

  • Choose it, break the rest!
  • Go straight to this hand-to-hand combat, where you can use creative weapons, compete in snowstorms, and release your inner beast.
  • The game’s different modes, weather and time systems bring new levels of dynamic entertainment.
  • Whether you fight like a lone wolf or stay united, there is always the wonder of being discovered!
  • Come, take a look at the creative quiz today and show them what you can do.

Creative Destruction 2.0.5361 APK Free Download

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