How to remove Root from Android? 2021 Preview

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In addition, How to remove Root from Android? 2021 Preview Undoubtedly the root permission is a very useful addition to your capabilities, as the superuser permission allows you to access all the root instructions on your device, edit functions that are not normally available, except for a number of applications. Which uses root access.

How To Remove ROOT from android & Mobile

Overview Of How to remove Root from Android? 2021 Preview

However, there are often situations where previously acquired user rights need to be removed and today we will look at how to do that. All methods on the site are displayed as a reference, the state is not responsible, all actions are performed on your own.

The first way: In the Google Play Store, there are file managers that allow you to access your root folders and view them normally, but only edit when you get root privileges, for example Manually remove the ES file from the root-rights description, root browser, and. Root descriptor.

Run the program, then search for the report so, at the path /system/bin/ and delete it:

How to remove Root from Android

Then delete the file, it is now in the / system / xbin / path:

How to remove Root from Android 2021 Preview

Next, we need to find the .apk application itself, which allows you to access the root folders, often in system/app / and called Superuser.apk, but there have been many applications lately. The file can be executed to obtain additional users and other rights.

How To Remove Root from Mobile

Delete this file and restart the device. To check the success of the operation, you can use one of the special programs like Root Checker. Although this method is very effective, in some cases it does not allow complete deletion of ROOT and leaves various “tiles”, and ROOT access management programs such as Super SU or King Route not only extend your rights to more. Provides full access but deletes them if necessary.

The second way (all device information is deleted!):

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Then put the smartphone in “Connected” mode and start the device by holding Volume +, Home and Power.
  3. Use the volume keys to select “Configure factory settings” and select it by clicking the on/off button.
  4. Then, select “Clear Digital Data” and then “Restart the device”, wait for the process to finish.