How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on an Android Phone/Device

26 Jan, 2022 admin No Comments

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on an Android Phone/Device is a great feature if you have a carrier that supports it. This allows your smartphone to use the best connection to receive and receive calls and text messages in your home. It also allows for high-quality audio playback, which is great if you don’t get a good signal in your home.

While this feature has been found on Android for years, it is still surprising that most people are unaware of its existence. This is partly due to the slow acceptance of the telecommunications company, but only due to its uniqueness and its usefulness due to the lack of general coverage. T-Mobile may be the biggest fan of Wi-Fi calling at this stage, although the four major carriers – Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon – all support this feature. Unfortunately, if you save money using MVNO, you probably don’t have this as an option. This is a disaster.

Most modern Android phones should support Wi-Fi calling, but it can be lost. For example, while the Galaxy S7 generally supports Wi-Fi calling, the international version of my phone does not. This should basically be supported by both the phone and the operator.

So, if you are surfing and trying to find the settings we talk about below and it doesn’t exist, or your carrier doesn’t give it or it doesn’t exist on your particular phone.

How To Call Android Original WiFi

Even if you use a phone or carrier that supports Wi-Fi calling, it may not be enabled by default. To enable this, you must go to the Settings menu. I use Google Pixel here with Android 8.0 (Oreo), so it might be a little different on your phone.


While you can go through all the steps to access the WiFi Call menu (which you’ll find in the “Steps Only” box on the right), the easiest thing to do is just search for it. . . Drag under the notification shadow and type the gear icon to get started.


From there, tap the magnifying glass, then type “wifi calling.” If it’s available in your situation, it should show up here.

From there, tap the magnifying glass, then type “wifi calling.” If it’s available in your situation, it should show up here.

In my scenario, Android did not drop me directly to the Wi-Fi Call menu, but to the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings section, where Wi-Fi Call is found. Continue tapping Wi-Fi to go to this menu section and type.

Wi-FI Calling menu

Boom, there you go—slide the toggle to turn it. You can also select whether you want the phone to prefer WI-Fi networks or mobile networks for calls. Whenever it has both, it will use your preferred option, then seamlessly switch to the other when one becomes unavailable.

Don’t have a real WiFi phone? No problem – just use one app

Just because your carrier and/or phone doesn’t technically support native Wi-Fi calling doesn’t mean you can’t use another version of this feature if you want to. There are many apps that allow you to make calls, here are some of the most popular:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Hangouts (Requires Hangouts Dialer)
  • Google Voice
  • Skype (Note: it costs)
  • Google Duo

Basically, each of these apps allows you to call Wi-Fi, but they do not use your real phone number, and in most cases do not call a traditional phone. Instead, you’ll be calling from one account to another. For example, if you use Facebook Messenger, instead of entering your phone number, you can simply call the person in your Facebook account. The same goes for free Skype accounts, although you can pay for regular phone numbers.

Google Hangouts and Voice are other exceptions – they basically work together. You need Google Voice numbers as well as a Hangouts dealer to call, in which case you should be able to call any custom phone number. The problem will arise when you try to make a call using this device – you need to make further adjustments for it.

Honestly, Facebook Messenger is probably the best way to go, assuming the person you want to talk to is also on Facebook (and your friend’s list). It is very easy to use and offers good quality of the year.

It is also worth noting that these services also work with mobile data, so you do not need a Wi-Fi connection to use them. It’s cold.

Wi-Fi ringing is an exciting service and you should definitely enable it if your carrier and your phone support it. You will get high-quality phones, and there are basically no “dead zones” where phones are disconnected or silenced.