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Angry Birds Journey 1.7.0 APK Free Download is the name of a puzzle and brain teaser game released by Roy Entertainment Corporation for Android devices. Royo Entertainment Corporation is one of the most popular game studios on the Android Market, and many players are familiar with this game studio by playing Angry Birds.

Overview Of Angry Birds Journey 1.7.0 APK

Angry Birds Journey is another version of the popular Angry Birds collection. This collection does not need to be introduced and is one of the most popular collections we have had for many years and it does not seem that they want to leave us now. Over the years, the series has released a variety of games, each with a different theme and b. The set entered the Android market with a simple mechanism that used only a bunch of stones, and in addition to its remarkable success, it was able to forever change what we call the puzzle and intellectual genre. Know about. While the original Angry Brads game was very innovative and creative at the time of its release, subsequent games did not remain as creative and innovative as they should have been, and perhaps as original as the original game.

So Royo Entertainment Corporation decided to design a new game in the series, Angry Birds Journey, as a return to the past, so that we can finally see once again this beautiful Angry Birds that we all love. If you look at the game’s introductory trailer and screenshots, you can see that the game is back to its original roots.

Because Angry Birds Journey for Android is a puzzle and mind game, the challenges of each stage become more difficult than the future, and as each bird adds its own abilities and features to the story, you can take it to step by step. Help the skills and characteristics to cope with it. Challenges. The game world is very wide and each stage has interesting maps that if you have enjoyed the previous games in this series, then the stages of this game will definitely be fun for you. All stages are designed in the best possible way and as you progress in the game, you will encounter new things that will surprise you and you will never feel tired and repetitive.

Steps are challenging enough but not punitive. Also, compared to previous games, Angry Birds Journey has better graphics space, animations, and effects, and makes this sound work better. Of course, the series has always performed well in this area, and Angry Birds games have always had a beautiful and admirable world. The controls are also clean and fully responsive, and the gameplay has no flaws and flaws, and on most mobile devices we will see flawless functionality.

Features Of Angry Birds Journey 1.7.0 APK:

Among the features of Angry Birds Journey for Android, Free Download is:

  • The journey continues!
  • We are working on the latest updates for your poultry needs.
  • New Cloud Blocks!
  • Faced with physical damage, the cloud blocks never fall down
  • Throw chickens through them to destroy them!
  • Double the content! 20 exciting new levels every week!
  • Enter the Oasis Hattie in Desert Star Part 4!
  • Naughty Mask is no longer a level target, but it still engages you with this fear!
  • Level updates and bug fixes for rotating your cartwheel.

Angry Birds Journey 1.7.0 APK Free Download

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