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Get the new update of 2020 Trending Android Apps for the Smartphone Android from IDroidZone with a right away link. best free android apps free are the most interesting, popular, and most unique apps for android from GooglePlay Inc programming studio for Android, which has a very interesting feature, and these interesting features have made it a great reception.

Overview Of 2020 Trending Android Apps:

In this article, we are talking about android applications which are the most trending all over the world by the user of the smartphone, so finally, we prepared a most unique list of the best android apps 2019 and 2020, so all the users using most useful android apps in daily life and we appropriated that we have to prepare the list of best unknown android apps.

In the below list we collected must have android apps for our dear visitors and we hope you have found the best android apps 2019 also if you want the best android apps 2020, by the way, If we miss any best unknown android apps just mention it in the comment bellow because you have also a portion in our website, every person has mistakes in their life no one is free from it, enough talk lets see what we have collected in the most unique apps for android.

List of 2020 Trending Android Apps:

  • 1Weather: Get notified from the weather all over the world.
  • BitWarden: The easiest and safest way to store all of your logins and passwords.
  • Blue Mail: Free, secure, beautifully designed, universal email app.
  • Credit Karma: From spotting identity theft to getting a personalized loan
  • Feedly: has a clean reading experience.
  • Gboard or SwiftKey: keyboard for your android.
  • Google Drive: Upload your files.
  • Google Opinion Rewards: Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit
  • Waze and Google Maps: find your home from your mobile.
  • Imgur and Giphy: Find funny GIFs, memes & watch viral videos
  • Musicolet: The only android music player with Multiple Queues
  • ProtonVPN: Free VPN, Secure & Unlimited
  • Resilio Sync: Sync lets you transfer files directly from device to device.
  • TickTick: A comprehensive and elegant to-do list app.
  • Zedge: Free music and wallpaper for your smartphone
  • Logically – News Powered by AI.
  • Post Box: A Digital Wellbeing Experiment
  • Just a Line: Raw Anywhere, with AR
  • Deepstash: Self Improvement, Motivation & Care
  • Mubert: AI Music Streaming
  • RunPee: This app exists to improve your movie-going experience.
  • DreamLab: support research to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Tor Browser: Protect yourself against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.
  • Skiplagged: Find flight and hotel rates you won’t see anywhere else
  • Rando: allowing you to easily exchange photos with strangers all over the world.
  • Wolfram Alpha: Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world’s definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation.
  • SleepBot: Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking.
  • Wakie: Ask questions, get answers, and meet new people with Wakie.
  • Robinhood: Investment & Trading, Commission-free